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Favorite tea blends for the morning, midday, and evening!

There is nothing cosier than a steaming hot cup of tea in the morning! Or warming up and rethink your day in the evening with some cup of tea that relaxes you. No matter if you are a tea enthusiast or only at the beginning of the road of ditching your coffee addiction, here you will find some of our suggestions for tea blends to choose from along the day!


Want some morning energy boost without coffee? Take for help some black tea blend! We love to drink Lady Mandala in these cold mornings because, with its citrusy aroma, it makes us wonder somewhere in some Thai SPA… But if you don’t have time to travel around even in your thoughts, choose Dark Chocolate! Chocolate suits cold so much, are we right?!


If after lunch you feel stuffed and start to feel drowsy, we suggest gaining back your alert with a cup of green tea!

If there is a lot to do, choose Green Bull – an energy drink in a teacup! Three types of green tea, of which one is Gunpowder – it contains three times more caffeine than coffee! It will help you stay sharp until the end of your working day!

If there is not so much to do, but you still need some energy boost, we always go with Frappuccino – a green tea blend with dates and cacao nibs, that smells and tastes like a cup of cappuccino!


In the evening, when dinner is done, kids are already deep in sleep and finally, there is some time for us, we choose to indulge in rooibos tea blend Caramel Lime. It has added cacao pieces, giving a warming chocolate taste, which suits autumn so much! Rooibos tea is great for the evening as it does not contain caffeine, there won’t be a problem falling asleep after finishing your cup of tea.

Another great tea blend for the evening is our herbal and fruit tea blend Evening lullaby, it will relax you and let you fall into sweet, good night’s sleep.

Any time of the day

Nobody ever said that tea can be enjoyed only three times per day!

Throughout the day we choose any of our fruit and berry tea blends. Now our top choice is The Pirates of The Caribbean!

Added value for fruit and berry tea mixes – you can eat the ingredients after finishing your tea!

If you too enjoy drinking tea throughout the day, have a look in our shop and choose a new tea blend to try and fall in love with!
Let there forever be a steaming hot cup of tea by your side!

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