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Our 5 (7) favourite tea blends!

Even though each one of our tea blends is precious to us like a baby and babies should not be parted into favourites, we do have some of them which we prefer bit more than others.  This list of ours can be a god starting point for you if you’re new here and you’re already confused with the vast choice of tea.
If this is what happened, keep reading – we recommend you start your journey into Graudupes tea world with these – our favourite blends!

 Blend of black and fruit tea Mozart Symphony

Tea, who is one of the recently added to our collection but has already become SO popular! This one was Christmas Gift choice No. 1.

When you open the tea pack, you’ll be surprised by the scent of the marzipan! You will wish to eat it! This tea blend can certainly be enjoyed with Chopin or Rachmaninov symphonies, and, if you will,  not accompanied by any symphonies.

 Blend of black tea Kakao Liquorice/Green Tea in Frappuccino

Here our views are separating because “not everybody loves liquorice.”

However, If you are in love with liquorice, the black tea blend Cacao Liquorice is worth trying out! Cacao pieces, that are added to this blend, neutralise harsh liquorice root flavour and together offers a unique experience of tea flavour.

But if you stay away from liquorice for at least a kilometre, try a green tea blend  Frappuccino! This tea blend has won your hearts the most and was bought most often in fairs!

This tea also contains pieces of cocoa, which will turn the cup of tea into a cappuccino!

Don’t believe it? Give it a try!

Green tea blend Green Bull

How to get young people to drink tea? Mixing up a tea, which will definitely draw their attention even from far away!

3 kinds of green tea for the energy charge, stevia sweetness and guarana root for aroma and energy – yes, it smells just like the famous energy drink! This tea is a perfect gift for students during exams and not just for students!

Blend of green and fruit tea Banana pudding

When there was a banana fever in Latvia, we too couldn’t resist and made a tea blend with bananas. A mixture of green tea, to which the added pieces of dates, apples and bananas for natural sweetness. Good choice if you try to reduce the daily sugar intake.

Rooibus tea blend Roibu Kolada / Fruit and berry tea blend Berry Blast

These two won our and your hearts already in summer when we were able to attract so many of you to our tea booth in markets with iced tea. Yes – you can drink tea in summer as well! And it is an incredibly amazing cure for thirst!

And, as rooibos and berry tea doesn’t contain any caffeine – it is safe for kids to drink as well during any time of the day!

However, these tea blends are very suitable for steaming hot cups of tea during winter as well and will definitely warm up all generations during wintery walks through the forests.

While these are our favorites, it doesn’t hurt to have all the other blends on the hand. According to the mood, the hand looks up for different blend each time.
That’s why, take a look at the store section and choose the tea after which your hand would reach out! We warn you that the choice will not be easy, so don’t be shy and choose several! 😉

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