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3 basic principles for storing tea so that it can be enjoyed for up to 2 years

In order for the tea blend to provide the same enjoyment from the first to the last cup, the tea must be stored properly. "How to store?" and – "How long can tea be stored?" are the most frequently asked questions in both markets and social networks, so we have gathered a few simple recommendations to keep the tea delicious for up to 2 years!

1. Store the tea away from direct sunlight. Preferably, even away from bright light. Tea can heat up in direct sunlight and lose or change its taste and smell. Bright light can fade the tea leaves and the ingredients of the mixture and make them less attractive to the eye.

2. Store the tea in a tightly closed container or package. Graudupes tea blends are packed in resealable bags to help store them properly. However, if you love things to be pretty, we also offer tin containers for storage with a double lid, which are just right for tea.

3. Tea blends need to be stored away from moisture. Unless you are in the process of making delicious tea, when storing, try to store the tea in places where moisture does not reach it. Excessive humidity in air can also affect the storage time, taste and smell of tea in the long term.

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